Transposing legacy English literature from print to editable, digital formats

How does it work?

Our five-step process to transposing your book

On receipt of your book we'll examine it's condition and the condition of the packaging at which point we'll email you a series of photographs for confirmation to proceed.
Here's where the magic happens. Your novel is transposed from print to digital ready for editing with a word processor app.
Here we edit and correct the digital edition for the inevitable transposing errors, where the technology may have bombed!
Here we create the final formats and burn them on a CD. The .DOC version comes in two standard book print sizes: paperback @ 128mm x 192 mm and hardback 156mm x 234mm. We include PDF versions of both the paperback and the hardback .DOC versions. The .TXT format is ideal for creating eBook e.g. Amazon KDP eBooks using Kindle Create
Finally we'll get your novel back to you along with the digital versions on CD by secure courier or Royal Mail recorded delivery.

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