TotalWeb Net

Secure hosting, website design, eCommerce

A comprehensive web managed service that provides businesses with the support and expertise to manage a web presence effectively. We do everything through a team of skilled professionals who are well-versed in web technologies and best practices

Media services for writers and creators

We digitise a writer's printed, back catalogue, transpose it, edit it, format it and style it. We design book covers. We produce promotional videos, voiceovers and audiobooks. We establish a writer's brand and define their market position. We create a writer's value proposition for their chosen genre. We do everything.

ProWriter Desk

VoxWave Studio

Video, audiobook, voiceover, audio mastering

Our creative space where digital media is produced, edited and refined using advanced technology and software. The go-to place for creating multimedia content, including short promotinal videos, audiobooks and voiceovers.

  • Working with TradShack was a seamless experience.

    We work as artisans not business designers so we were keen to find someone like us that knew what the hell they were doing.

    So in 2018 they crafted an online platform for us that beautifully mirrored our skills.

    The site's aesthetics highlights the intricate details of our work and has attracted more clients.

    It's just great having these guys on our side.

    Highly recommended.

    Take a look
    Chris Woods
    Mayfly Kitchens
  • I'm incredibly thankful to TradShack.

    They skilfully balanced creativity and functionality, resulting in a website that truly stands out.

    Their commitment since we teamed up in 2010 to showcast my artists and music events has significantly boosted our online presence.

    The user-friendly experience they've created is impressive.

    I highly recommend their expertise to fellow promoters!

    Take a look
    Tim Martin
    CRH Music
  • I can't thank the TradShack team enough!

    Their expertise and dedication since 2004 has transformed our online presence, boosting traffic and sales.

    With their prompt support and proactive approach, we now enjoy a seamless website experience. Grateful for their outstanding work and making our business thrive!

    Highly recommended!

    Take a look
    Neil Warren
    Estates Director, Land & Water Estates Ltd.
  • TradShack did everything I wanted as a writer.

    In 2016 they took my back catalogue and converted it all to digital. I thought I'd lost it forever as the original DVD archive was lost by my then publisher.

    Then it all went online - and wow!

    The quality of their work as my publisher and their attention to detail is absolutely first class. They're a great team to work with and it's always a fun time!

    Take a look
    Robert Wallace
    Novelist and screenplay writer

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